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CRT Flooring Concepts carries a large variety of the latest flooring fashions. You will find high quality national brands of carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, wood and laminate flooring in our stores.

All of the major carpet manufacturers are represented in our beautiful showrooms. From plush to berber, from velvet to frieze, we have it all. Our large showrooms also enable us to provide an extensive selection of ceramic tile, wood, laminate and vinyl flooring.

Decorating with Hard Surface

Nothing says “welcome” like a hardwood floor. Glowing and timeless, it can last for generations. Harwood is valued for its beauty and durability, is easy to maintain, and is a rarity among flooring materials in that in most cases, it can be refinished. Although solid hardwood can go most anywhere in the home, it needs to be placed in rooms at ground level or above. An engineered floor can go virtually anywhere; however, it is not recommended that any hardwood be installed in bathrooms or rooms where high moisture levels are expected.


In hardwood design, we’ve gone way beyond smooth, narrow strips of oak. Attractive as this look is, there’s a lot more out there now. The newest trends in wood are handsome wider-width planks, and distressed and hand scraped surfaces, and domestic species like maple and hickory. You might even consider mixing woods, a design choice that’s growing in popularity.

It’s almost unbelievable how authentic today’s laminates appear-but believe it! There’s a fantastic selection, from stunning exotic and domestic wood looks to stained concrete and travertine looks wider, groutless planks. You’ll notice different laminate finishes, too: one is a glossy surface that’s very high-end; other surfaces are “hand-sculpted” or “distressed;” and many employ CRT Flooring Concepts’s Touchable Texture™, an embossed-in-register technology that follows and highlights that grain with results so realistic, you’ll be amazed. Beveled edges add pleasing authenticity to laminate planks, and CRT Flooring Concepts’s new Luminiere™ finish creates a strikingly upscale floor.

Epic hardwood flooring is made better with EnviroCore-CRT Flooring Concepts’s ultra high high-density core board. This core board is made up of recycled wood fibers that are tightly compressed making Epic products harder and denser-more difficult to penetrate than hardwood floors with softer cores-resulting in better overall performance and stability. It’s true. Epic floors are harder, denser, more dimensionally stable, and tougher-all attributes of a floor that is more forgiving. A more forgiving floor is easier to live on. CRT Flooring Concepts gives you permission to live on your Epic hardwood floors.

Epic is the first Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified hardwood flooring product. Epic is certified as an Environmentally Preferred Product(EPP) Epic qualifies for LEED for Home credits.

All Epic hardwoods meet GREENGUARD indoor air quality requirements and are GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified.

ScufResist PLATINUM- CRT Flooring Concepts’s extremely wear resistant UV cured finish with Aluminum Oxide is designed to help resist household scuffing on hardwood floors. Epic products with ScufResist PLATINUM resist scuffing up to six times better than the competition.

CRT Flooring Concepts hardwoods protected with DuraShield finish feature superior wear resistance.

Many CRT Flooring Concepts laminates feature VersaLock AG-CRT Flooring Concepts’s patented locking  system that secures the flooring panels on all for sides without adhesive. VersaLockAG uses the “angle/angle” locking system that provides increased joint integrity-up to 2.5 times stronger than other laminates in the marketplace today.

Upgraded CRT Flooring Concepts laminates feature LocNPlace-the revolutionary new locking system that not only secures the flooring panels on all four sides while providing increased joint integrity, but also uses a single action angle and drop system that is faster and easier to install than any other locking system on the market today.

CRT Flooring Concepts laminates feature OptiCore-an environmentally responsible core board containing wood fiber by-products that are otherwise burned or put into landfills or made from trees that are derived from managed forests. Perhaps best of all, this innovative core board is strong, stable and moisture resistant, ensuring lasting quality in CRT Flooring Concepts’s laminate products.

All CRT Flooring Concepts laminates can be installed above, on, or below ground level. Additionally, when site conditions are climate controlled before and during installation, zero acclimation time is required, allowing CRT Flooring Concepts laminate flooring to be installed faster and more efficiently than alternative flooring requiring acclimation.

CRT Flooring Concepts’s Luminiere-a very special high gloss fiish that gives superior visual clarity to fine laminate flooring. Luminiere…it’s crystal clear.

CRT Flooring Concepts laminates meet GREENGUARD indoor air quality requirements and are GREENGUARD Children& Schools certified.

Environmentally Friendly Hard Surface

CRT Flooring Concepts’s environmental initiatives are numerous and progressive. The manufacturer developed the first 8” solid hardwood plank made 100% from recycled mill by-products. And the revolutionary EPIC® collection is ecologically advanced in two ways:

Besides being a beautiful product with great visual character, Epic hardwood has an unprecedented environmental story. Made with EnviroCore®, a high-density inner core constructed form recycled wood fibers, Epic hardwood flooring uses 50% fewer trees-that simply says for every 2 trees used to make conventional engineered flooring, it only takes 1 tee to make the same amount of Epic. As a result, Epic is the first Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified hardwood flooring product. Furthermore, all CRT Flooring Concepts hardwoods meet GREENGUARD indoor air quality requirements and are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified

But Epic is not only an eco-friendly product, it’s beautiful AND it performs:

  • Epic is strong and substantially more impact resistance than other engineered and solid wood flooring.
  • It’s tougher-Epic with ScufResist Platinum resists water and scuffing up to 6 times better than competitive products.
  • It’s stable-Epic won’t expand or contract as much as other wood flooring as season change.
  • It’s denser-because of the EnviroCore, your floor should be more dent resistant and more forgiving.

CRT Flooring Concepts gives you permission to live on your Epic hardwood floors!

CRT Flooring Concepts laminates are an inherently good environmental choice in floor covering. They use up to 98% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered hardwood products.

Green by Design

Engineered to last, laminate offers a long life span that minimizes replacement. While it stimulates the upscale look of a natural product like an exotic hardwood or natural stone tile, the actual material isn’t used and the natural resource is preserved.

In addition, CRT Flooring Concepts laminates are made with OptiCore™ -CRT Flooring Concepts’s laminate core board that’s strong, stable and moisture resistant. CRT Flooring Concepts laminates meet GREENGUARD indoor air quality requirements and are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. CRT Flooring Concepts partners with supplies committed to sound and forestry practices-an important step in helping balance ecosystem health by reducing the amount of timber harvested.

Tile & Stone

As more environmentally sound practices are developed, tile isn’t left out of the picture. CRT Flooring Concepts has products with 40% post-industrial recycled content. Both tile and stone can last a lifetime, which is a distinct environmental plus. Chic and eco-friendly-a powerful combination.

Decorating with Rugs

An area rung can bring drama to a room, adding color or spicy sizzle. Rugs are terrific to decorate with-they’re durable and easy to clean, and they can transform a room relatively inexpensively.
CRT Flooring Concepts Living, a division of CRT Flooring Concepts Industries, produces rugs unmatched in style, selection and value-with designs, colors and prices to fit your precise needs. If high style is your goal, look for CRT Flooring Concepts Living rugs by Kathy Ireland and Tommy Bahama. Or consider a bound rug from patterned carpet-a fresh trend that creates an impressive statement.

Most rugs in six approximate standard sizes: The best selling size is 8’ x 11’ . Special shapes and additional sizes, including exact footage runners, rounds, squares, and larger rugs are also offered.

2’ x 3’ 5’ x 8’

2’ x 8’ 8’ x 11’

3’ x 8’ 9’ x 13’

Rug Types:

Woven In a woven rug, the fabric is created by interlacing three sets of yearn across each other at right angles. Today’s woven rugs are woven on looms that can produce unlimited patterns, colors, and designs. Each rug is individually finished with latex backing to ensure pile lock, finished with edge treatment yarns, and inspected to ensure highest quality.

Printed Printed rugs feature pattern and color applied to the fabric, which is usually nylon. Our printed rugs provide multiple design options and colorations and offer fashion at affordable prices. The precision of CRT Flooring Concepts’s state-of-the-art ChromoJet printing system gives excellent design clarity with vibrant products.

Wools Wool has been used in floor coverings for as long as history has been recorded. There is an element of status, due in large part to its lasting inherent beauty and elite status. New Zealand wool is the most popular wool used today for its ease of dyeing, exceptional durability, natural stain resistance, and traditional elegance and beauty.

Environmentally Friendly

Nylon rugs from CRT Flooring Concepts Living are stylish, innovative, durable-and green. Made eco-friendly Type 6 nylon, these beautiful rugs are recyclable back into more fresh, beautiful carpet and rugs again, without performance loss or color limitations. And be sure to look for the Premiere and Natural Expressions products, which have recycled content, too. No doubt about it-nylon rugs from CRT Flooring Concepts Living make a strong environmental statement.

CRT Flooring Concepts Living rugs are made in the USA and are available for immediate delivery.

CRT Flooring Concepts Advantages

An ample array of benefits sets CRT Flooring Concepts products apart from the crowd. We call them CRT Flooring Concepts Advantages-and that’s just what they are for you. Check each product sample for the medallions that reflect the CRT Flooring Concepts Advantages you’re interested in. They should help make your selection easier:


The CRT Flooring Concepts Green Edge is the collection identification of the hundreds of environmental initiatives the company has undertaken and those that will be continuously developed. It demonstrates our long-term commitment and leadership in environmental stewardship.

GREEN. It’s something we never forget.


Anso® nylon is CRT Flooring Concepts’s premium fiber brand. These carpets office you the best benefits in the widest range of choices. Whichever style or color you choose, you can be confident you have selected the highest quality, easiest to clean, and longest lasting carpet. All Anso nylon products contain 25%SCS Certified post-consumer recycled content and are recyclable in a CARPET TO CARPET™ model at CRT Flooring Concepts’s Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility in Augusta, GA.

Pie Fight

Furhtermore, CRT Flooring Concepts Anso nylon carpet took on the world’s largest pie fight and WON! Check out the pie fight and the clean up on YouTube™- search for “Anso pie fight”.Imagine the messes it can handle in your home!


What’s so different about ClearTouch®? It’s CRT Flooring Concepts’s BCF PET yarn system with R2x®. But what it means to you is this: Fabulous carpet that has it all-incredible softness and color, exquisite styling, and incomparable stain resistance.


EverTouch is an innovative fiber used to create carpets that are exceptionally soft yet remarkably durable. Feeling an EverTouch carpet is all it takes to appreciate its incredible softness.

SoftBac Platinum

Wrinkles add character…but not to carpeting. SoftBac Platinum’s unique design creates an ultra-stable carpet system that is both soft and flexable. Backed by a 10-year no-wrinkle guarantee, SoftBac Platinum gives a premium carpet foundation it needs to stay sort and beautiful.

r2x Stain and Soil Resistance

The unmatched value of R2x. CRT Flooring Concepts’s patented combined stain and soil resistance treatment provides unequaled protection against soiling and liquid spills. There is no better protection for your carpet-it’s as simple as that.


CRT Flooring Concepts’s new TripleTouch cushion is environmentally responsible. TripleTouch is made with natural oils, reducing our dependecy on petroleum-based products. In addition, the backing system’s primary components are made from recycled content.

Tile and Stone

CRT Flooring Concepts tile and stone last a lifetime-a definite plus for the environment.

CRT Flooring Concepts offers the option of environmentally friendly stting material.

Though tile and stone lasts a lifetime, the installation may not. CRT Flooring Concepts gives you the choice of upgrading your installation package, which ensures a longer warranty.


CRT Flooring Concepts Warranties

CRT Flooring Concepts Floors has developed a practical rating system that gives easy-to-follow information on product features, warranty packages, and labeling facts. The system allows you to make comparisons and recognize quality variations among carpet brands and hard surface characteristics. Us this simple system to confirm your flooring decisions or to help you decide on an upgrade for longer-lasting beauty.

CRT Flooring Concepts’s Triple Touch cushion doubles the texture retention warranty of your new CRT Flooring Concepts carpet! That’s right-put Triple Touch under your new carpet and your texture-retention warranty becomes twice as long.


CRT Flooring Concepts has 3 categories of hardwood all made in the USA:

Epic® (unique to CRT Flooring Concepts,; uses a high density fiber core derived from recycled wood fiber which means fewer trees are used with less waste)





Epic with Scuff Resist Platinum Best Grade: Limited Lifetime Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
5-Year Light Commercial
Better 20-Year Limited Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
5-Year Light Commercial

Engineered Hardwood Best Grade: 25-Year Limited Wear
Look for ScufResist and DuraShield technologies Lifetime Structural Integrity
5-Year Light Commercial
Better: 20-Year Limited Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
5-Year Light Commercial
Good: 15-Year Limited Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
Solid Hardwood Best Grade: 25-Year Limited Wear
Look for DuraShield technology Lifetime Structural Integrity
Better: 20-Year Limited Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
Good: 15-Year Limited Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
While CRT Flooring Concepts Laminates have a variety of finishes, there are two unique to CRT Flooring Concepts:
Provencial Hanscraped
Furthermore, there are various technologies that set CRT Flooring Concepts laminate apart:
OptiCore for strength and durability
LocNPlace or VersaLock AG for easy installation
Best Grade: 25-Year Limited Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
Better: 20-Year Limited Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
Good: 15-Year Limited Wear
Lifetime Structural Integrity
When and CRT Flooring Concepts laminate is installed with Silent Step Ultra 3 in 1 underlayment, add an additional 5 years to the warranty!
All CRT Flooring Concepts laminate is made in the USA.
Tile & Stone
All CRT Flooring Concepts Tile & Stone products carry a 1 year warranty
Look for these features on CRT Flooring Concepts Tile & Stone products:
Where you see the Certified Porcelain logo, you know it has been tested and certified as being authentic porcelain.
Where you see the Bureau Veritas logo, you can be assured the product contains up to 40% post-industrial recycled content.

Only first quality products are covered by CRT Flooring Concepts warranties. For more details on these warranties, please visit CRT Flooring or view the most recent CRT Flooring Concepts Warranty Brochure.