This New Year, make a resolution to give your home an instant facelift. Many updates take next to no money and can make a huge impact on the appearance and functionality of your home. Here’s our definitive list of quick, inexpensive ways homeowners can give their home an update and even boost the value at the same time.

Rearrange the Furniture

The furniture has as much of an affect on the look and feel of a room as the actual structural elements. Simply shifting things around can dramatically change things without costing you a dime. Just make sure to lift instead of sliding to protect your floors.

  • Switch it up by moving items from one room to another
  • Transform a space for a family night by sectioning off a larger room to create a more intimate area
  • Don’t be afraid to be unconventional – a chaise lounge can look good at the bay window of a kitchen
  • Downsize and organize to create more space in a room

Bathroom Facelift

We spend more time in the bathroom than many people realize. The National Association of Continence found that the average person spends an hour a day in the bathroom. Why not make things look a little nicer while you’re there?

  • Lay new vinyl tiles in the bathroom – Some new types of vinyl and laminate flooring can go right over the old stuff.
  • Install a new toilet seat
  • Re-grout around tiles
  • Replace old toilet paper and towel holders
  • Add a curtain around a pedestal sink to conceal toiletries and the garbage can.

Fine Details with Big Results

Sometimes it’s the little details that really bring everything together. Small changes throughout a home can sometimes yield the biggest results.
  • Update hardware on cabinets
  • Replace old light switches and outlets with fresh new plates – particularly if they are an outdated yellow or off-white.
  • Replace door handles
  • Add a decorative molding – either crown molding or a chair railing
  • Replace the blades of your ceiling fans
  • Add a welcome mat and runner in the front hall for a grander entry
  • Replace thin door trim with a wider molding
  • Replace your old house numbers

Paint and Stain

Nothing is easier than adding a fresh coat of paint. Virtually any room in your home can benefit from a few touchups.
  • Re-stain and paint the kitchen cabinets
  • Paint the front door a bold color
  • Epoxy-coat your garage floors
  • Add an accent wall
  • Re-paint the exterior trim
  • Use a darkening solution to turn brass into bronze
  • Coat old backsplash and counter tiles with adhesion primer then a few coats of semi-gloss paint
  • Paint mismatched bedroom furniture the same color for a cohesive look
  • Touch up the paint on baseboards and door frames

Rediscover Unused Spaces

Clutter and overflow can make certain spaces of the home obsolete. An afternoon of cleaning and organizing can help you uncover those unused spaces so that they serve a purpose beyond collecting clutter.

  • Forgotten patio space – Patios, even basic slabs of concrete, can add to a living space without costing you much. Knock back the vegetation, organize yard tools, get rid of junk and add some simple furniture to re-establish your patio space.
  • Organize closets – It’s amazing what a simple pre-fabricated organization system can do for a closet like the ones from Texas Custom Closets. Not only will you get more use out of the closet, but you can organize clutter from other rooms so it’s out of sight.
  • Transform an unused closet – Remove the doors of a wall closet, take out the clothing rack, replace it with one shelf at desk height and another higher up to create an office space or tucked away craft area.
  • Add shelves – Fit shelves over doorways, high up in hallways and between cabinets to make use of the otherwise unused space.
Of course some facelifts require a little more than elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint. If your carpet is worn or your hardwood is beyond refinishing, it might be time to invest in new flooring products. Customers in Texas and New Mexico can find new, top-of-the-line options for less at CRT Flooring Concepts. You can even forgo the cost of an interior decorator by letting our flooring consultants help you find the best floors for your updated spaces and set up a flooring installation!

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