If you search our tile shop for the best flooring, you'll hear "through-body color" more than once. Understanding this term can be vital to finding the materials that work best for you.

We care about the results you find here, including the information we provide. So here are some facts about this term that could help you pick the perfect floors.

What is "through-body color"?

Through-body color means the tile is the same color, inside and out. This often suggests a higher quality tile, usually in porcelain lines.

Through-body color tiles do an excellent job of hiding scratches, chips, and cracks in the floor tile--since the inside of the tile is the same as the outside, they're not as easy to see.

Why choose through-body colors?

Choosing this benefit means added peace of mind in your high-traffic areas. Even with children, teens, or pets in the home, you'll see fantastic results that last longer than ever.

But they can be just as beneficial in areas with low traffic. In addition, these pieces will last even longer for lifespans surpassing 50 years or more.

What else can you look forward to with tile?

Tile offers exceptional durability, with resistance against all forms of floor tile wear. They also look great, with extensive visual choices.

Choose colors, patterns, designs, formats, and more, for a perfect look. No matter what your decor scheme is, you'll find these floors can match perfectly.

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