Merry Christmas everyone! If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you had a last minute change of plans or just decided to host some holiday festivities at your home. The one problem – your holiday decorations are fairly minimal. The good news is even if you only have a few hours there are many easy, quick decorating ideas you can try that will have a big impact.

Tidy Up

A quick, yet thorough cleaning is a must. If things are unkempt and cluttered it will detract from any decorating that you do. When you’re short on time don’t worry about putting everything away in its place. If you have to, just find an out of the way room or closet to catch all the clutter.

Use Presents as Decorating Pieces

Fancy wrapping papers and bows can easily turn presents into focal points. Instead of going the easy route with gift bags wrap presents carefully and place them strategically around the home. Thoughtfully stack them under the tree, place them on tabletops and line up small gifts along the mantle.

Holiday Inspired Throws

A comfy, festive throw can take a couch or chair from so-so to a showpiece in seconds. Use a throw with either a holiday print or color, and drape it so that the throw is neatly placed over the headrest portion of the furniture.

Showcase Holiday Candy

Do you have holiday candy and/or cookies? Do you have a candy dish or cloche? That’s all you need to dress up a counter or tabletop. Move the candies from their bag to the dish and add a bow for a festive finish.

Make Use of Your Tin Foil

Silvery tin foil can be transformed into a number of Christmas decorations. Cut out stars to tape around a mantle or countertops, wrap branches in foil for a wintery bouquet (and/or dot them with cotton balls), create little rings to hang on the tree – possibilities are only as endless as your creativity.

Hang Up Holiday Attire

Now Christmas sweaters and shirts can be used in a whole new way. Strategically hang holiday attire as well as red and green pieces so that they become a part of the décor.

Turn Your Doors Into Snowmen

A white door is the perfect base for making a snowman inside. All you need is a little black and orange paper (or a way to color white paper), a strip of wrapping paper and tape. Cut out black circles for the eyes, mouth and buttons. Next, cut a carrot-shaped triangle out of the orange paper. Cut out a strip of the wrapping paper that’s long enough to fit across the width of the door and then two smaller strips to make a scarf. Tape it all on, and you’ve got yourself an indoor snowman no snow required.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

One of the quickest ways to transform a home into a holiday house is by using rugs. A holiday welcome mat immediately sets a jolly tone from the moment guests walk up to the door. A simple green or red runner can keep the mood going as people walk inside.
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