If you’re planning to get a tax return this year, putting the money towards your floors could be a good way to use the extra cash to increase the value of your home. Here’s our 2015 list the top investments people can make for their floors.

 Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are timeless and hold their value amazingly well compared to other flooring options. They are also very appealing to buyers, which can help when it comes time to sell your home. The best places to install hardwood flooring is in living spaces, dining rooms and entryways.

 Wood Grain Tiles

Manufacturers have gotten so good at creating wood grain-like surfaces on ceramic and porcelain that it’s hard to tell you’re standing on tile unless you look very close. The plank-style tiles take the wood illusion one step further. You can get the look of wood at a more affordable price without worrying about scratches or refinishing. If well taken care of wood grain tiles will look great for years to come.

 Super Soft, High-Tech Carpet

Carpet is always going to be a popular choice in bedrooms and this year is no exception. The trend is going toward carpeting that is plush, super soft to the touch, eco-friendly and resistant to wear. Microfibers offer durability and can be woven together to increase the softness and stain resistance. When it comes to the aesthetics just about anything goes. Neutrals, bright colors and patterns are all en vogue. For those who want the best investment neutrals are the best option.

 Additional Tips for Making a Good Investment on Floors

Consider your lifestyle before selecting a flooring type. Maintaining the floors is critical to retaining value, and some options can be more difficult to care for than others. If you have pets or young kids light colored carpets and softer woods aren’t always the best choice.

Opt for professional installation. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on flooring material can potentially go to waste if it isn’t installed properly. Professional installation gives you peace of mind that the job is being done right.

Consider the current value of your home and community if resale value is your top priority. This will give you a barometer of how much to spend and help you avoid over-improving your home. Look at homes for sale in your neighborhood to get a better idea of the types of floorings most people have.

Protect your investment with extended warranties whenever possible. At CRT Flooring Concepts we offer a lifetime flooring installation warranty for added protection. Give us a call today or come by one of our flooring showrooms to see the latest floor options.

Original source: http://www.crtflooring.com/flooring-options/top-flooring-investments-tax-return/