New products begin rolling out in January so now is the time to start researching your flooring options for 2015! Keep reading for tips on what to look for, getting new flooring installed at the start of the year and more.

Floors to Look for in 2015

Every year new products and trends emerge that expand the flooring options, minimize maintenance and enhance the appearance of interior décor. In recent years flooring has also started to become greener and more durable. Here’s a look at what’s already trending for 2015.

Laminate and Hardwood Flooring Trends

Whitewashed Look – Blanched hardwood flooring is picking up momentum and is likely to be on-trend in 2015. Whitewashed wood is a great choice for smaller spaces since it can give the room a more open appearance.

The New Reclaimed – Reclaimed wood has been in demand the last few years, as more homeowners opt for a comfy, lived-in looking space. Thanks to new technology and techniques, you can now get new floors that have been treated to look reclaimed for a fraction of the price.

Colored Cork – Once prized for utilitarian purposes, cork is now a favorite for its looks as much as it’s comfort and superior acoustics. That’s partially due to manufacturers now making cork flooring in a variety of colors. If you want to give cork a try consider adding it to the kitchen or the kid’s playroom.

Timelessly Classic – Of course, dark brown medium to wide plank hardwood floors is a timelessly good look that will be popular no matter what year it is.

Carpet Flooring Trends

Going Bold – Carpet manufacturers are getting more creative with their designs and customers are responding. Many home and business owners are choosing a bold design for their carpets and letting the floors become the focal point of the room. For a standout look that’s not over the top, choose a geometric pattern in a subdued shade.

Natural Fibers – Eco-conscious customers now have many more options for carpets that are made of natural fibers, and they are growing in popularity. Two options to try are wool in bedrooms and sisal in high traffic areas.

Multi-Toned Mix – To give carpet flooring a more organic look, some manufacturers are making options that have multiple tones to them. The result is a carpet that is visually appealing and appears to have more texture. A two-color, tone-on-tone look is good for families and people with pets since it hides dirt well.

Tile and Stone Flooring Trends

Taupe and/or Greige – The new, upscale looking neutral colors for 2015 are taupe and greige (grey/beige) tones. These trendy hues are often found in natural stone flooring and easily replicated in tile.

Extra Large – More and more people are opting for oversized tiles that create a more seamless appearance. Tiles that are 12”x36” or larger are becoming more prevalent and because there’s less grout they are easier to clean. However, with tiles this large it’s best to get a professional flooring installer to do the heavy lifting (literally).

Installing New Floors at the Start of the Year

The sooner you schedule flooring installation in the year the better. A January flooring project has a number of advantages including:

Winter is the Best Time to Get Deals – December and January have been noted by Fox News as the slowest time for flooring business so customers are most likely to get the best deals during these two months.

Inventory is High – During January you’re less likely to have to wait for the flooring to become available or in stock.

Less Moisture in the Air – The less moisture there is the better, particularly if you are installing hardwood floors that expand when the humidity is high.

Installations Are Easier to Schedule – With less people taking on flooring projects, installers have more room in their schedule. This usually means that they can get to your installation sooner and won’t be so pressed for time.

The flooring installation experts at CRT Flooring Concepts can help you find floors that will look amazing in your space through the years. Come by one of our many flooring showrooms in Texas or New Mexico to see what’s new for 2015!