San Antonio is one of the most historic cities in the United States. The city has a rich Mexican heritage that has influenced the development of the city ever since its foundation nearly 300 years ago. Today, there are museums, markets, special events and landmarks like The Alamo that celebrate the part that Mexican-Americans have played in forming San Antonio.

You can also find the Mexican influence in many of the homes in San Antonio. Learn more about San Antonio’s unique Mexican-American history as well as ways to incorporate cultural design elements into your home.

The History of Mexican-Americans in San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the few rare American cities that wasn’t always American. It was once a part of Mexico. It is also a place where people of many different cultural backgrounds have converged for more than 150 years.

The city became a supporter of Mexico in its fight for independence from Spain in 1810. However, just a few decades later the Texas Revolution was fought between Texas colonists and Mexico in 1835. Two major battles, Battle of Goliad and Siege of Bexar, were even fought in San Antonio. Ultimately the war led to the creation of the Republic of Texas. Just 74 years later, San Antonio served as a place of refuge during the Revolution in 1910. As a result of the internal conflict a quarter of a million Mexicans fled to San Antonio.

Political, economical and territorial ties have always existed between Mexico and San Antonio. Like the German immigrants and Southern Anglo transplants, Mexican-Americans have had a significant influence on the development of the city from its architecture to its cuisine. Over the years the Mexican-American population in San Antonio has fluctuated, but today more than 60% of the residents are Mexican-American, which helps the city maintain its standing as a prominent multi-cultural mecca.

Incorporating Mexican-American Décor in Your Home

Mexico’s cultural influence is live and well in the homes of people across San Antonio. If you want to incorporate this local flare in your home décor use the tips below.

Add Bold Color –Pops of the primary colors red, yellow and blue are commonly identified with Mexican-American décor. It can be an accent wall, accessories, art – there are no rules when it comes to incorporating color.

Decorative Tile – Dress up backsplashes and counter tops with a glazed, decorative tile.

Saltillo Tile Flooring – Saltillo tile is a flooring that originated in Mexico. It is traditionally made of terra-cotta, which gives Saltillo tile its identifiable red clay color.

Festive Plates – Use festive plates as a functional décor element by using them in place settings at the table, storing them in a plate rack in an open cabinet or even hanging them on the walls.

Metalwork – Wrought iron pieces such as chandeliers, fireplace doors or pot racks add a nice balance to the bright colors.

Stucco Walls – Textured, stucco or adobe walls are common in Mexico and popular in Mexican-American interior design. You can also use a faux painting technique with sponges and rags to get the same effect.

Rustic, Unfinished Wood – Rustic wooden pieces that look like they have been handed down through the generations can be incorporated into virtually any room. Add black metal hardware to complete the look. Wood flooring is also commonly used with Mexican-American design elements.

Pottery – If you want to add accent pieces try natural, terra-cotta or clay pottery in various sizes.

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