Discover the perfect balance of durability, style, and comfort with our multi-family flooring solutions. We specialize in creating inviting, cohesive living spaces that meet residents' diverse needs.

Custom Flooring Solutions

Our extensive range of flooring options caters to the unique requirements of multi-family residences. From high-traffic resistant carpets and rugged laminates to luxurious hardwoods and versatile vinyl, we offer carpet, tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring that combines practicality with aesthetic appeal to enhance communal and private spaces with minimal maintenance.

Luxury Vinyl
Luxury Vinyl
Waterproof Flooring

Project Collaboration and Management

Effective collaboration and meticulous project management are the cornerstones of our approach to multi-family flooring projects. We work closely with wood developers, architects, and property managers to ensure flooring solutions are seamlessly installed into the overall design, delivered on schedule, and within budget.

Unlock the potential of your space with our expert design advice for multi-family. Our in-house design team will guide you through color schemes, layouts, and more. Whether it’s luxury vinyl flooring or hardwood, we’ve got you covered.

Elevate the living experience in multi-family communities with our durable and stylish flooring solutions. Our custom options cater to diverse needs, ensuring multi-family residents enjoy inviting and comfortable spaces.

Transform commercial spaces into impressive and functional environments with CRT Flooring. From sleek hardwoods to high-traffic resistant carpets, we provide flooring foundation that meets the unique demands of commercial projects.

Our versatile flooring choices create visually appealing and welcoming retail spaces. From eco-friendly cork to trendy luxury vinyl flooring, we offer summit land development solutions that enhance aesthetics and durability in retail settings.

Partner with CRT Flooring to bring unmatched style and quality to your building projects. Our comprehensive flooring solutions, from refined hardwood for living space to plush carpet, ensure that every living space looks extraordinary and stands the test of time.



Jonathan M.

Property Manager, Lakeside Residences

CRT Flooring transformed our apartment complex with its exceptional flooring solutions. Their attention to detail & commitment to quality have significantly enhanced the living experience for our residents. The entire process, from selection to installation, was seamless and professional.

Edward T.

Developer, Greenfield Communities

Working with CRT Flooring on our latest multi-family development was a game changer. The installers understood our vision for sustainable yet stylish flooring and exceeded our expectations. The positive feedback from our tenants about the comfort and design of the floors.

Alicia R.

Architect, Urban Design Group

As an architect, finding a flooring partner committed to design and functionality is crucial. CRT Flooring’s diverse range of options and collaborative approach made it easy to integrate and maintain the perfect floor into our projects.

Installation Services

Our team of skilled flooring professionals delivers efficient and precise installation services. We coordinate closely with construction teams to ensure minimal disruption and adherence to the project timelines, guaranteeing flooring installations that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting.

Flooring installation in progress

Sustainability Flooring Options

Embrace eco-friendly living with our sustainable flooring choices. We are dedicated to providing environmentally responsible solutions, including recycled materials and low-VOC options, contributing to healthier living spaces and a better planet.

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