Unveil a New Aesthetic for Your Hearth

The fireplace, often the centerpiece of a room, radiates warmth and style. Revamping its appearance can dramatically alter the ambiance of your space. Whether your fireplace appears outdated, worn, or simply lacks the charm it once had, refacing it is an impactful weekend project. Follow these steps to transform a mundane brick fireplace into a stylish stone masterpiece.

Shine, Sparkle, and Nature

  • Regular Cleaning:

    Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and grit that can scratch the floor. For more thorough cleaning, use a damp mop with a mild cleaner suitable for your specific flooring type.

  • Immediate Spill Cleanup:

    Quickly clean up spills to prevent water damage or staining, especially on wood and laminate floors.

Achieving the rustic glam look is all about balancing the shine and sparkle of glamour with the grounded appeal of natural elements. Whether you desire an equal mix for harmony, a dominance of sparkle for impact, or a subdued approach for neutrality, rustic glam can be tailored to your taste.

Removing the Mantle and Trim

  • Careful Dismantling

    Use a chisel to gently remove the mantle or trim without damaging them, especially if you plan to reuse them.

Demolishing the Current Surface

  • Safety First:

    Wear protective gear. Clear and cover the surrounding area to protect from debris.

  • Methodical Removal:

    Use an angle grinder and chisel to remove mortar and bricks. For slab stone, carefully pryit away from the wall.

Installing Cement Board

  • Preparing the Base

    After removing the old material, fit cement board over the cinder block of the fireplace for a smooth resurfacing base. If you had a smooth stone or slab surface, you might skip this step.

Applying the New Surface

  • Adhesive Application:

    Spread thinset mortar in sections, using a notched trowel for
    better grip.

  • Tile or Stone Placement:

    Start placing your chosen material, using spacers for tiles.

Replacing the Hearth

  • Foundation First:

    Install or replace the hearth before completing the fireplace surface.

Completing the Surface

  • Final Touches:

    Finish covering the surface. If using spaced tiles or stones, allocate the next day for grouting with heat-resistant grout.

Installing Fireplace Doors

  • Enhanced Safety and Style:

    Fit and secure new fireplace doors to match your new décor, ensuring they are level and securely installed.

Ready to Reface Your Fireplace?

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