The Allure of Handscraped Plank Wood

As you explore the world of flooring, you might notice a certain type of wood that captures attention with its rich, lived-in look. Often seen in upscale environments, this flooring is handscraped plank wood – a style known for its beauty and perceived expense.

The History and Revival of Handscraped Wood

Originally a feature in early American architecture, handscraped hardwood flooring has seen a revival. This style, once created through manual labor with tools like chisels and hammers, is now replicated in modern materials like laminate and engineered products, thanks to technological advancements.


How Handscraped Vinyl Plank Floors Are Crafted

Today’s techniques, such as scooping, denting, splitting, and sanding, replicate the handscraped effect. The degree of texturing varies, allowing customers to choose from subtle to significant impressions. These vinyl floors consist of multiple layers, including a fiberglass base, a vinyl core, a design layer with rotogravure-printed wood imitations, and a durable wear layer.

Affordable Luxury

While traditional handscraped hardwood is costly due to material and craftsmanship, handscraped vinyl plank flooring offers an affordable alternative. Pre-texturized and easy to install, these floors provide the handscraped look at a lower cost per square foot.


Textural Elegance

The visible and tangible texture of handscraped vinyl plank flooring adds an organic touch, reminiscent of the original handscraped floors. The texture is not just an aesthetic choice but a functional one, helping to camouflage minor imperfections like scratches and dents, common in busy homes.

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Versatile Applications

Handscraped vinyl plank flooring can be installed in areas where traditional hardwood might not be suitable, such as basements. This flooring option opens up new possibilities for spaces that need durable yet stylish floors.


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