Elevate your home with the luminescent beauty of our glass tile collection. Ideal for creating a light, airy feel, glass tiles reflect light and color, offering a unique, sophisticated look for any space. Our collection ranges from vibrant mosaics to sleek subway tiles, each designed to enhance the aesthetic of your home while providing a durable and easy-to-maintain surface.


Glass Tile Essentials

Explore the unique qualities and diverse applications of glass tiles. From adding depth and dimension to smaller spaces to creating a focal point in larger rooms, glass tiles offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. Their reflective nature brightens spaces, making them feel more open and inviting, while their ease of maintenance ensures lasting beauty with minimal effort.

Types of Glass Tile Flooring

Delve into our extensive selection of glass tile flooring, each variety offering its unique charm

Mosaic Glass Tiles

Add a vibrant splash of color with intricate patterns perfect for accent walls or statement floors.

Subway Glass Tiles

Blend classic design with modern flair, ideal for sleek, contemporary spaces.

Recycled Glass Tiles

Embrace eco-friendly elegance, these tiles bring sustainable beauty to any room.

Room Inspiration

See how glass tiles can transform a space with their distinctive shine and color

Iridescent Ocean Mosaic

Ideal for bathroom accents, this mosaic brings the tranquility of the sea indoors with its shimmering blues and greens.

Elegant Pearl Subway Tile

Perfect for kitchen backsplashes, these tiles offer a sophisticated, luminous twist on the classic subway design.

Rainbow Glass Tile

A playful choice for children’s bathrooms or creative spaces, its vibrant colors add a joyful and dynamic element.

Frosted White Squares

Ideal for serene and minimalist designs, these tiles offer a subtle texture while maintaining a clean, unified look.

Metallic Glass Accents

Best suited for modern kitchens or accent walls, these tiles add a sleek, futuristic feel with their metallic sheen.


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Customer Reviews

Our clients share their glass tile stories


The mosaic glass tile in our shower is stunning — it turned a simple bathroom into a spa retreat.

- Rachel P.

I love the subway glass tiles in our kitchen; they make the entire room sparkle.

- David T.

Our recycled glass tile backsplash is not only gorgeous but also makes me feel good about my eco-friendly choice.

- Austin K.

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