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Instantly transform floors with Coretec vinyl flooring

If you are giving yourself the gift of beautiful new floors this holiday season then you may have heard of COREtec Vinyl Flooring. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring products on the market and for good reason. COREtec Plus provides the look of high-end wood or stone floors, the durability and ease of vinyl and the comfort and insulation of cork.

It’s also a great option for getting your floors redone quickly and affordably before the holidays. Keep reading to discover if COREtec Vinyl Flooring is the perfect option for your flooring project.

Takes no time to install

Perhaps the biggest benefit of COREtec is that it’s designed to install quickly and easily. It requires almost no prep to install, because it can be put directly on top of most existing flooring, even commercial carpet or tile. COREtec uses a totally unique installation process that doesn’t require gluing the pieces together. Instead COREtec locks and clicks into place using an angle tap locking tongue and groove system.

Another installation plus is that COREtec does not need to acclimate. No storing it for days beforehand, which eats into your installation schedule. There’s no concern about when you install it, what the weather conditions are like or using expansion strips since COREtec will not expand or contract. It’s simple, straightforward installation that won’t require you to figure out how much room needs to be given for possible movement.

Need another reason to choose COREtec? Because it’s 100% waterproof, you can install COREtec flooring anywhere, even the bathroom. It’s guaranteed to never swell or distort from moisture exposure.

COREtec is extremely affordable

Vinyl flooring has expanded the options for anyone that wants to renovate their home, office or business on a budget. COREtec is the first luxury vinyl flooring, and it offers amazing value and aesthetics for the price. Not only is the product itself more affordable but so is the installation. COREtec requires no underlayment, which saves consumers both time and money.

Save more on your flooring, and put that extra cash towards holiday celebrations or presents instead!

Lifetime warranties and solid construction

If you’re looking for a floor that is protected by warranties, COREtec won’t disappoint. Customers will receive:

  • Lifetime waterproof warranty
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Lifetime residential warranty
  • 10-year commercial warranty

The secret to COREtec’s durability lies in its four-layer construction, particularly the innovative rigid core. This core layer is what makes the product waterproof, dimensionally stable and prevents COREtec flooring from telegraphing, which can be an issue with other luxury vinyl options whenever subfloor imperfections are present.

The attached cork underlayment also provides a number of benefits that aren’t found in other flooring options. The underlayment supplies sound insulation, naturally resists mold and mildew, warmth and absorbs subfloor imperfections.

CRT Flooring Concepts currently carries COREtec Plus flooring products in three color options – Gold Coast Acacia, Northwoods Oak, Deep Smoke Oak. Right now you can get any COREtec product for just $3.49 per square foot! Visit the nearest CRT Flooring Concepts location to see samples of COREtec and speak with one of our expert design consultants about using this revolutionary new product in your home or office.